Payment: cards

Firstly, log in our coach web site, click the boots you’d like to order, choose the country, gender, size and then add it to shopping cart.

Secondly, update the coach you want to order and there will be an order Id number for you (Do keep this order Id number if you want to inquire us about your order status). Then fill in your information. After that, choose the payment“credit cart”and click the“check out”.

Thirdly, after you have finished the above two steps, you should fill in your information again and then check whether it is the same or not. Finally, click “submit and continue order to make sure you have finished your payment


Firstly, choose the coach you’d like to order, click needed quantities, sizes, etc and then add to cart.

Secondly, when you finish your order and are ready to check out, click the PayPal button on the shopping cart page and then fill in all the required information on the shipping and billing pages.

Thirdly, before submitting all the information you have filled in, check again whether it is correct or not.

Fourthly, click the check out button after all the information is confirmed.

Finally, when you pay successfully for your order, the system will automatically show that you have made payment.

3.western union

Pay in two ways:

1:Pay in a Western Union authorized agent:

(1)Locate the nearest Western Union authorized agent.

(2)Complete the Western Union Quick Collect form. This form has a blue header. To complete the form you will need to have the account number for your creditor as well as their location.


①.In this step, you should fill Identity Test Question and Answer at will, but remember what you written for further use.

②.You will receive 10-digit Money Transfer Control NO. (MTCN), please learn them by heart for further use.

(3)Submit the Money Transfer Control No.(MTCN) to us. Once checking all the information is correct, we will send the items out.


Note: To directly pay on the western union website, you must have a valid email address. Then you can pay via Mastercard or visa.


(1)Go to

(2)Before you pay it, you should fill in the information about us, then under "Send Now" (top right-hand corner), scroll down and select the Quick Collect option.

(3)Complete the creditor information.

(4)Complete the personal information and registration (skip if previously registered).

(5)Receive a payment receipt with the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

(6)Submit the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to us. Once checking all the information is correct, we will send the items out immediately.

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