After the issue of your goods, an automatically e-mail will inform you. In order to be informed timely about delivery status of goods.please leave a real and effective e-mail address in order.

2.Delivery Time:

Under normal circumstances,if you order and pay in the same day, the goods will be shipped the next day(if you pay in the morning,the goods will be shipped in the afternoon generally), if the shipping time is weekend, we will choose one day of weekend to ship according to orders amount. In case of holidays,we will correspondingly delay. Normal delivery of small parcels need 7-10 days to arrive to the frequently transported countries United States, United Kingdom, German,France. Other countries need 10-15 days, remote countries need 15-25 days. And if the group purchase large orders, delivery time will be increased 10-15 days on the basis of the above.

Countries Delivery Time(including the order day)
United States, United Kingdom, German,France. Second day
Canada, Australia, Russia Third-fourth day
Other countries Fourth-fifth day

3.Transportation Method:

EMS-the default method(Free)

DHL(Another billing ,please contact customer service)

TNT(Another billing ,please contact customer service)

Shipping(Another billing,pleasecontact customer service)

Non-default methods of transport countries:

Taiwan, Netherlands, Congo (DRC), Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovakia, Chile, Lithuania, Slovenia, Trinidad, Tobago, Uruguay, Nigeria, Liberia, Maldives, Paraguay, Mauritius, San Kia, Rwanda, Mozambique, Paraguay, Gambia Congo (Brazzaville), Venezuela and Jamaica.


The default method of transport in these countries above in our company is not EMS,so they need to use other method of transport(such as: DHL,TNT), If you belong to the country Metioned above,Please contact our customer service about goods freight billing matters.

4.Goods Tracking:

There will be a transport number of EMS in the e-mail that our customer service sent to you to confirm the shipping. According to this order number, you can check the current status of your order on the

5.Goods Certification:

When the courier staff deliver your ordered goods to your hands, please carefully check whether your packaging of ordered goods is complete or not, whether use sealing tape to package or not, and the corresponding gifts. The criteria of Packing as follows:

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