Return Policy And Procedure

Matters Notes:
1.The outer packaging of goods is intact(including the parcel fillers and outer case or outer bags), accessories,tag,label, etc. are complete, and the goods are maintained the same as original quality. In order to protect you to return normally, please reserve the packaging for 1 month.
2.Please specify the reasons for return, be sure to specify.
3.If you handle return,you need to return the sales voucher,and you also need to return the invoice if the goods has it.
4.Please provide the delivery invoice of  mall or mailing packaging invoice of post office.
5.If the goods has an additional gifts, please return the gifts. Gifts need to be  maintained the original quality when you received. If gifts can not be returned, according to online prices, we will deduct the price from the refund.
6.In order to avoid the damage of packing,please don’t put tape directly to the packaging of goods when you return the goods.please keep the goods and packaging the same as original quality.

We will not provide return service in  the following condition:
1.Any non-sale goods in this mall.
2.Any goods that are used or defaced.

Special Note:
1.The quality problems that mall admit:goods have significantly damaged, a large areas are dye or fade, and there are clear off-line, clear indelible stain.
2.The quality problems that mall can’t admit: ①The small end of a thread, flash (clothing goods are more common), different monitor generate little gap between color (due to different monitor,the color gap is difficult to avoid), Controversy in thickness and thin( can’t be identified), Alignment, feel, clothing details, changes in customer's personal subjective factors such as the wishes and so on.②customers should choose their own size personally according to the Size Wizard, Customer service do not provide advice. ③Pages and pictures are only a brief introduction of goods, All parameters of goods are subject to the real ones.
3.Any non-normal use and storage of goods led to quality problems.
4.Damage in goods outer packaging (including package filler and outer case or outer bag).Goods accessories, and so on are missing.

Return Process:
Before you apply after-sales service, you must first contact shop online customer service, then we will register the information and inform you the return methods.

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